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About Us

Paddy Loans is a financial service provider leveraging proprietary technology to offer affordable loans. With competitive interest rates, we are more flexible than mainstream lenders & deliver requested advances in record time. We are committed to responsible lending.

Paddy Loans is an instant loan service from Afara financial Services.

How it Works


Confirm your eligibility

Sign in and make a loan application.


Tell us how much you want

If you’re eligible for a loan, we will tell you how much you’re eligible for. You can then decide how much you actually want to borrow.


Money in your account in minutes!

No forms, no guarantor. If your loan is approved, the amount will be in your account in minutes



Low-interest rates that beat other loan alternatives

Quick and easy application process with no paperwork (one-click)

Manageable, equal payroll deductions spread over several months

Improved credit profile over time through partnerships with credit bureaus


Fair alternative to payday loans

Employee benefit that supports their financial well-being at no cost or risk

Reduce workplace stress by accommodating employees with personal financial needs

Percentage of loan book paid to assist company in employee loan management


Competitive returns on investment

Near-zero default rates based on deduct from source option

Loans are insured to protect against Job loss & death

Online portal for account management & status updates on investment